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Come to Penhale Camp, Holywell Bay Cornwall for your Plumbing Training Course!

We offer the City and Guilds 6035-02 Level 2 Certificate in Plumbing Studies.

Essentially, the plumbing training route can be thought of in two parts.  Firstly the time in the centre to undertake the practical and theoretical training to achieve the technical certificate, and then on site visits once you have completed the course, if you choose to go down the NVQ Diploma route, which involves visits by our assessors to you out whilst you are undertaking practical work, so that you can achieve your award.  We offer this to any candidate who is working in Cornwall.

Please contact us on 01872 278389 for an informal discussion about the Plumbing Industry, our training courses and current dates and prices.  We look forward to hearing from you!

All our courses run for small numbers (6 maximum) therefore you receive an excellent level of attention and there is much consistancy whilst you are here, both with your tutors and with your fellow course mates.



Recognition as a qualified plumber requires completion of a Plumbing Level 2 NVQ

Plumbing is a thriving trade, with huge demand for new entrants.  Leading into a vast arena of further training and work, Plumbing is an ideal trade to begin your career in Construction. Practical, varied, challenging and interesting, Plumbing is the ideal start for practical work in properties, particularly bathrooms and heating systems, but impacts kitchens as well as the rest of a property.

Are you, or someone you know already working in Plumbing in Cornwall, but don't hold any qualifications?  We have a brand new Fully Qualified Level 2 Plumbing NVQ Diploma option that leads directly to the full award with minimum time required here at the centre.  Please see below / discuss with us.

 Plumbing Course Summary:

1. City & Guilds 6035-02 Technical Certificate in Plumbing (From novice, six weeks full time)

2. NICEIC Unvented Hot Water

3. NICEIC Energy Efficiency

4. NICEIC Water Regulations

5. NVQ 6189-57 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating


 City & Guilds 6035-02 Certificate in Plumbing Studies 

Introduction: This award is the initial qualification you require to work as a Plumber, and covers all the practical and theory you will need to be feeling confident with bathroom and heating system installations, right from the outset.

Duration: 6 weeks

Entry requirements: From novice (some Plumbing experience advantageous)

Next step: You can work, for yourself or others, and then choose to progress onto the NVQ Level 2 to become a fully qualified Plumber (please see below)

Price & dates: Please contact the EBO office for uptodate prices, course dates and availability.  You can reach us on info@eboactivities.com or by calling 01872 278389.


City & Guilds 6035 Level 2 NVQ Diploma

Introduction: This award completes your Level 2 Plumbing Training, with the on-site visits, and a City & Guilds Portfolio.

Duration: 12 month time limit.

Entry requirements: Either the 6129 or its replacement, the 6035 Technical Certificate in Plumbing.  Working in Cornwall.

Next step: You can work, for yourself as a fully qualified plumber, or go onto the 6035-03 Level 3 Technical Certificate.

Price & dates: Please contact the EBO office for uptodate prices.  You can enrol onto an NVQ with us individually, at any point in the year.


City & Guilds 6189-11 NVQ Diploma

This award is BRAND NEW and allows those of you who may have been working in plumbing but have never undertaken any formal training, to bypass the 6 week full time Technical Certificate, and undertake a self-study / guided learning route.  Exams are required, as are the standard NVQ Diploma on-site visits.

Duration: 12 month time limit.

Entry requirements: Two years experience in plumbing, signed off by an employer, and a work CV.  Acceptance subject to interview with course tutor.

Next step: You can work, for yourself as a fully qualified level 2 plumber, or go onto the 6035-03 Level 3 Technical Certificate (see below).

Price & dates: Please contact the EBO office for uptodate prices.  You can enrol onto an NVQ with us individually, at any point in the year.



"Plumbing training with EBO was excellent, I would advise any service person who wanted to become a Plumber to do the EBO City and Guilds Plumbing Training Course".  Sgt Caz Dougle, RMP, British Army

"From start to finish there was a warm and friendly manner to the whole experience.  Training location is good and the dedicated workshops are excellent.  Health and Safety was good at all times, tuition and advice outside of the course content in relation to trade training was useful and very eye opening".  D Curran

"Excellent tuition from all tutors throughout.  I am feeling very confident in tackling the property maintenance and renovation work in my home that I came here to gain the skills to do".  D Tointon

"Excellent.  Very please with the tuition I have received.  The tutors were so knowledgable, working real world knowledge not just theory.  Happy atmosphere that was condusiove to learning".  A Bacon